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Belize City to Placencia

Embarking on a journey to Placencia is like stepping into a tropical adventure waiting to unfold. Whether you’re starting your trip from Belize City or the Phillip Goldson International Airport (BZE), finding your way to this picturesque paradise is an exciting part of the experience. From transfer services to scenic drives, flights, and even the possibility of catching a glimpse of vibrant local life through public transportation, there’s a range of options to suit your style and preferences. 

Let’s dive into the different ways you can get to Placencia, ensuring your arrival at The Village Inn is as enjoyable as the destination itself. Get ready to discover the diverse routes that lead to the tranquil shores of Placencia – your gateway to relaxation and adventure!

Private Transfers

Wondering how to get to Placencia from Belize City or Phillip Goldson International Airport? Look no further than our reliable private transfer service, offering one-way or round-trip transfers to hotels, resorts, and Airbnb accommodations on the Peninsula. The picturesque journey takes approximately three hours, guiding you through Belize’s major highways, across rivers, hills, and valleys. As you travel on the scenic Hummingbird Highway, the last 22 miles lead to Placencia’s serene shores, passing through areas like Mayan Beach and the Seine Bight Village. We also extend shuttle services to Dangriga Town and Hopkins Village, with pick-up available in the San Ignacio Town area.

A private transfer ensures a VIP-like experience. With pre-arrangements, your designated driver awaits you at the airport’s arrival hall, holding a sign with your name. Enjoy a 2.5-hour scenic drive from Belize City to Placencia, gaining insights into local perspectives and making memorable stops along the way. The cost-effective option is approximately $240 USD for 1 to 3 passengers, with an additional charge for extra persons.

Flight from Belize Airport to Placencia

For the swiftest travel option, consider a flight from Belize City (BZE) to Placencia. While the cost typically ranges between $125 USD and $140 USD per person, it’s essential to factor in potential wait times and stops at intermediate destinations. Some hotels and resorts may provide complimentary pickup and drop-off services at Placencia Airport (PLJ), but be prepared to arrange additional transportation if needed.

Local Airlines: or

maya island air placencia

Car Rental

Consider car rental to placencia for flexibility, but choose reputable companies to ensure vehicle conditions. Costs range from $85 USD to $125 USD per day, with fuel expenses around $6.50 USD per gallon.

Buses from Belize City to Placencia

While public transportation, known as “Chicken buses,” provides an alternative experience, there isn’t a direct route to Placencia from Belize City or the International Airport (BZE). Taking a taxi to the bus station or waiting for a bus on the highway are potential options, with a total expenditure of approximately $60 USD, considering taxi fare and bus costs. Bus schedule to placencia

Explore the diverse travel options and choose the one that suits your preferences and budget for an exciting journey to The Village Inn in Placencia. Our staff is happy to arrange a private transfer or flight to add to your vacation experience in Belize.

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