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Placencia Airport

placencia airport belize

The Placencia Airport stands as one of Belize’s most picturesque aviation hubs, serving the entirety of the stunning Placencia Peninsula and its surrounding communities. Identified by the IATA code PLJ, this airport underwent a recent upgrade in 2020, including the installation of running lights to accommodate later flights, aligning with the growing trend of international […]

Car Rentals in Placencia

Considering Car Rentals in Placencia: Is it Necessary, and Why? Placencia, a slender peninsula adorned with resorts, hotels, condos, and cabanas along its picturesque shores, boasts a 22-mile-long road that spans from the Southern Highway to the southern tip of Placencia Village. The decision to rent a car in this tropical haven depends on your […]

Belize City to Placencia

Embarking on a journey to Placencia is like stepping into a tropical adventure waiting to unfold. Whether you’re starting your trip from Belize City or the Phillip Goldson International Airport (BZE), finding your way to this picturesque paradise is an exciting part of the experience. From transfer services to scenic drives, flights, and even the […]

Where is Placencia, Belize

If this is your first introduction to Placencia, Belize, you might be wondering about its whereabouts. Placencia, a charming peninsula situated in southern Belize near the coast, stands out as one of the country’s premier destinations, easily identifiable on a Belize map. Now, where exactly is Belize? This small Central American country is bordered by […]

Placencia or Ambergris Caye

Choosing between Placencia and Ambergris Caye ultimately depends on your preferences. If you seek a more tranquil, culturally immersive experience with access to various adventures.

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